Design of an axial flow fan for a vertical wind tunnel for paratroopers

Çevik, Fatih
Free fall is one of the important phases of the operation performed by the Special Forces paratroopers. Also civilian parachutists are performing free fall as a sport by doing aerobatic maneuvers when they reach the terminal velocity during falling before opening their parachutes. Vertical wind tunnels are used for training the parachutists and paratroopers. It is safe, cheap and more convenient when compared to jumping out of an airplane. This thesis consists of aerodynamic design of closed circuit, double return vertical wind tunnel with a flight section that can accommodate four paratroopers, aerodynamic design of a rotor straightener configuration axial flow fan and running CFD analysis of the axial flow fan for different operating conditions by FLUENT software.
Citation Formats
F. Çevik, “Design of an axial flow fan for a vertical wind tunnel for paratroopers,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.