Improvement and development of high-frequency wireless token-ring protocol

Kurtuluş, Taner
STANAG 5066 Edition 2 is a node-to-node protocol developed by NATO in order to communicate via HF media. IP integration is made to be able to spread the use of STANAG 5066 protocol. However, this integration made the communication much slower which is already slow. In order to get faster the speed and communicate within single-frequency multi-node network, HFTRP, which is a derivative of WTRP, is developed. This protocol is in two parts, first is a message design for management tokens exchanged by communicating nodes, and second is the algorithms used to create, maintain, and repair the ring of nodes in the network. Scope of this thesis is to find out a faster ring setup, growing procedure and to implement. Beside, finding optimum values of tuning parameters for HFTRP is also in the scope of this thesis.
Citation Formats
T. Kurtuluş, “Improvement and development of high-frequency wireless token-ring protocol,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.