User assessment in public spaces by gender: a survey on Seğmenler and Keçiören Parks in Ankara

Kiavar, Dourna
This thesis aims to set out an urban public design framework based on gender differences and experiences, in order to pay attention to the design of the open public spaces, parks in particular, to enhance them as places which are friendly to all people. In this manner two public parks were selected in Ankara to verify the theoretical framework and hypotheses set. The thesis study first makes a review of theoretical concepts of gender relations in public spaces and recreational areas. Then, it explains how an open public space is examined with respect to the three main headings, user profiles, use patterns and sense of safety felt by users. The case studies are Seğmenler Park in the Gaziosmanpaşa- Kavaklıdere district and Keçiören Park in the Keçiören district, two public parks in two different sectors of the city with different cultural, economical and social structures. The concept of gender differences and effects of gender relations on the use patterns of a place and vice a versa, different needs and perceptions of men and women in public places and effective design solutions are studied in the second chapter. Then, two public parks are examined with the above framework. This is done first with respect to the mentioned component, and then with the data based on maps, photographs, personal observation and questionnaires which to find out the problems and characteristics of the users. Finally in the conclusion, the differences and needs of users and strengths and weaknesses of design and planning of the parks are evaluated to set specific design principles and solutions in the design of public parks.
Citation Formats
D. Kiavar, “User assessment in public spaces by gender: a survey on Seğmenler and Keçiören Parks in Ankara,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2011.