An Implementation of a new sustainable design approach on public spaces: the case of Ulus square

Karadoğan, Selen
Term sustainability draws more and more attention in current urban planning and design projects. It is a concept derives through sustainable urbanism that aims to create more livable, environment friendly city spaces. Sustainable public space design is seen as a key component to reach a complex system of sustainability in cities. As a compulsory approach to sustainability studies, it is not purely depended on environmental concerns but rather a composition of a better environment a better quality of life. Namely, it is a recently focused on issue that is actually necessary to understand our world and finding ways to preserve it while improving it. The term which is usually used for city scale, will be searched new definitions in some specific public spaces. The thesis first develops design principles and qualities for sustainable public spaces. Main focus here is the human scale and interactive urban design that is infers to literature and between theory and design. By using human approach, users are the shapers of public space. The case study in the thesis will cover and examine rather the place satisfy the needs of the sustainable public space design qualities. The model is designed as the first part, be developed later evolve to an application process, a measurement test of sustainability in a case study in a public square. Considering all, it would be natural to say that evaluation of the interactions supplied by the space, preservation of natural life and habitat, environmental concerns and cultural values are becoming inputs of the process of search for answers to ‘What are the criteria of a sustainable public space design; case of Ulus Square’ along with new dimensions that are used to define sustainable public spaces. Public space with given criteria the key tool for achieving sustainable environments and cities. Theory and existing structures will be combined and produce a harmonious model to show how the square designs can be sustainable. It is aimed to produce a demonstration model for the further studies on sustainable urbanism.
Citation Formats
S. Karadoğan, “An Implementation of a new sustainable design approach on public spaces: the case of Ulus square,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Urban Design in City and Regional Planning Department., Middle East Technical University, 2019.