The effect of cinematherapy on self-perception among adolescents: applications in clinical and non-clinical samples

Şendikici, Serap
The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of cinematherapy and its interaction with subjective well-being levels on self-perception and its dimensions. Additionally, the study aimed to select cinematherapy movies in accordance with self-perception dimensions, and their therapeutic functions. Moreover, the role of cognitive-emotional identification beside similarity identification was investigated. Three conditions were constructed by clinical and non-clinical samples consisted of 34 participants aged between 15 and 18. Clinical cinematherapy condition was composed of 10 out-patient psychiatric participants, and 24 high school students were assigned to non-clinical cinematherapy and control conditions. Cinematherapy conditions received 3-session cinematherapy intervention in which viewing and elaboration of cinematherapy movies took place. Control condition watched episodes of a documentary with no elaboration part. According to results, in pre-treatment measures, clinical sample had more negative self-perception and self-concept scores in scholastic competence, physical appearance, and global self-worth than non-clinical sample. Additionally, clinical sample had lower levels of subjective well-being than non-clinical sample. As a result of cinematherapy application, athletic competence positively changed in non-clinical sample. Besides, cinematherapy positively affected self-perceptions of participants with low levels of subjective well-being in clinical sample. For participants with low subjective well-being levels in non-clinical cinematherapy condition, athletic competence increased while global self-worth decreased. According to identification results, cinematherapy conditions had higher similarity identification scores than control condition and non-clinical cinematherapy condition had higher fictional involvement scores than clinical cinematherapy condition. The applications and findings were discussed in terms of sample characteristics and cinematherapy procedures.
Citation Formats
S. Şendikici, “The effect of cinematherapy on self-perception among adolescents: applications in clinical and non-clinical samples,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.