Characterization of electrolyte and pyrotechnic powders and pellets

Kalender, Volkan
Electrolyte and pyrotechnic pellets are two important components of thermal batteries. Both electrolyte and pyrotechnic pellets are produced by cold compaction of constituent powders. These compacts are integrated in the battery as pellets with sufficient green density, green strength, calorific energy and burning rate (for pyrotechnic only) to provide high performance batteries. In this study, effects of physical properties of the used powders such as particle size distribution, average particle size, particle shape and composition of components and applied compression pressure and their interactions on green density and green strength of electrolyte pellets and in addition, calorific energy and burning rate of pyrotechnic pellets were examined. Statistical experimental designs were constructed to investigate the main and interaction effects of studied variables. 24 two factorial statistically designed experiments’ results for pyrotechnic pellets exhibited that the compression pressure and iron powder morphology were the most significant factors improving green density and break strength of pyrotechnic pellets. It was shown that the compression pressure had a negative effect on burning rate. Both calorific output and burning rate were increased significantly by increasing KClO4 fraction. In addition, decreasing particle size of KClO4 had also a positive effect on burning rate. The maximum calorific output was obtained at maximum KClO4 fraction. 23 two factorial statistically designed green strength and green density experiments’ results of electrolyte pellets revealed that, compression pressure was again the dominating factor. Moreover, there was a tendency for higher green density with lower MgO fraction and electrolyte powder average particle size. Besides, the positive effect of decreasing average particle size on green strength was investigated distinctly at low green density values. From the thermal battery perspective, main and interaction effects of variables on the characteristics of electrolyte and pyrotechnic pellets were successfully examined.
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V. Kalender, “Characterization of electrolyte and pyrotechnic powders and pellets,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.