Estimation of specific flow duration curves using basin characteristics of rivers in Eastern Blacksea Basin

Yılmaz, Deniz
New and renewable energy resources are important in view of reduction of greenhouse gasses causing climate change and in eliminating of dependence on foreign sources in energy respects. Within this context, hydraulic energy is evaluated as one of the prior energy resources that should be utilized. Turkey has 26 basins and Eastern Black Sea Basin is one of the most feasible basins with a lot of small hydroelectric power plants. In the other hand, there is not enough number of discharge gauging stations in the basin. For that reason, up to now generally area ratio method has been used to estimate the project discharges of small hydroelectric power plants. Objective of this study is to estimate “the project discharge” which is corresponding to 5 flow percentiles (5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%) depending on topographical, meteorological, hydrologic and soil-land cover parameters through developing a multilinear statistical model for İyidere Basin as a part of Eastern Black Sea Basin. Perimeter of the basin, the ratio of the basin perimeter to the main stream length of the same basin, the drainage frequency, the mean slope of basin, v the mean annual precipitation and the curve number are the parameters that have been analysed for the multilinear statistical model. Principal Component Analysis, Multiple Regression Analysis and Stepwise Regression Analysis have been run for the data sets. For the computed discharges validation has been done. As a result of validation, it has been seen that the stepwise regression gives much closer discharge values to the observed values than the multiple regression results.
Citation Formats
D. Yılmaz, “Estimation of specific flow duration curves using basin characteristics of rivers in Eastern Blacksea Basin,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.