Design software development for induction motors

İzgüden, Mustafa
The purpose of this thesis has been to convert two softwares called TPCAD (Three Phase Induction Machine Computer Aided Desing) and SPCAD (Single Phase Induction Machine Computer Aided Design) developed earlier for the design and analysis of three and single phase induction machines to meet the needs of motor manufacturing industry so that they can be run in windows environment. Furthermore, it was aimed to include features such as double cage motor analysis and design, to provide a facility designed motor lamination can be drawn for the user to see and facilitate sharing the designed lamination with other professional programs such as finite element analysis or thermal analysis etc. As a result of this study, a user friendly design tool facilitating the design process of induction motors has been upgraded by using C++ Microsoft Visual Studio .Net programming language. TPCAD and SPCAD are tested with different commercial motors. The results show that the full load performance calculations are within the range of 5% error for both programs. However, starting performance calculation errors are within 10% for TPCAD, and 8% for SPCAD.
Citation Formats
M. İzgüden, “Design software development for induction motors,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.