Development of an electrical machines analysis and optimum design software package

Göynük, Yılmaz
In this study, three different programs are developed for the analysis of the three-phase induction motor, single-phase capacitor type induction motor and switched reluctance motor. The programs are developed by using Pascal and C++ programming languages. In the performance calculations of motors, analytical methods are used and these methods are tested for accuracy. These programs have also capabilities to design an optimum motor, which meets a set of performance, material and manufacturing constraints while minimizing the weight or any other defined objective function. In addition, in this study, an optimization tool is used to obtain an appropriate optimization method for the design of different types of motors. The software is tested over different commercial motors. The results illustrates that the performance calculations and optimization approach of the programs lead to good results.
Citation Formats
Y. Göynük, “Development of an electrical machines analysis and optimum design software package,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.