Perceptions on using L1 in language classrooms: a case study in a Turkish private university

Taşkın, Ayşe
The purpose of this study is to reveal the perceptions of teachers, learners, teacher trainers and administrators on teachers‟ use of L1 in a preparatory school of a private university in Ankara. Firstly, teachers‟ perceptions were revealed in terms of the amount of L1 they use, reasons for their L1 use, maximizing L2 use and the relationship between L1 use and learner success. Then, the learner perceptions related to the amount of L1 used by teachers and reasons for teachers‟ L1 use were examined with regard to their teachers‟ L1 use. Finally, teacher trainers‟ and administrators‟ perceptions on teachers‟ L1 use were analysed. Perceptions of each group were compared to disclose any possible mismatches between them. The results of the study indicated that teachers had negative perceptions in using L1 in their classroom and highlighted a minimum use of it; however, v because of some problems related to the curriculum and the testing system of the preparatory school, they employ it as a last resort. Moreover, these problems seemed to have an influence on the amount of L1 they use in the classroom. As for the learner perceptions, it was found that they favour it in the classroom and view it as a means to reach their aims, which is passing the exam. On the other hand, teacher trainers and administrators advocated that L1 should be abandoned in the classroom pointing out the English-only policy of the preparatory school. Some mismatches were detected between the groups and it was concluded that they should be removed for a more effective language teaching and learning environment.


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A. Taşkın, “Perceptions on using L1 in language classrooms: a case study in a Turkish private university,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.