Analyzing the Mimarlik journal: a study on architecture in Turkey in the 1980s

Göloğlu, Sabiha
This thesis aims to examine the transformations that took place in architectural theory and practice in Turkey in the 1980s, and the role of architectural publications in this context, by analyzing the framework that was drawn by the Mimarlık journal. The analysis of Mimarlık is undertaken in relation to architectural developments in the world and in Turkey, and foreign and local counterparts of the journal. The shifting stances of the journal, as the publication of the Chamber of Architects of Turkey, are studied with reference to the distribution of theoretical and practical content included in it and its changing editors and committees. Architects, buildings, architectural activities, and publications of the decade are scrutinized in order to evaluate the journal‘s approach towards architectural theory and practice. The thesis attempts to situate Mimarlık in the context of contemporary architectural developments of the 1980s. It argues the journal‘s role in ‗shaping‘ and ‗reflecting‘ architectural theory and practice by comparing and contrasting the agenda of architecture with the content of Mimarlık.
Citation Formats
S. Göloğlu, “Analyzing the Mimarlik journal: a study on architecture in Turkey in the 1980s,” M.A. - Master of Arts, Middle East Technical University, 2011.