From houses to house museums: architectural representation of different narrations

Günhan, Aslıhan
The transformation of historic houses into house museums is not only a current issue within the field of museology, but also a new phenomenon for architecture. The deconstruction of the term “house museum” into “house” and “museum” and the meaning these terms acquire, have the potential to generate a new discussion in architecture. Besides being a physical dwelling unit, “house” will be interpreted as a domestic space where the inhabitants are able to personalize. A museum, on the other hand, will be approached as a modern institution reflecting issues related with historiography and aesthetics. “Curiosity Cabinets” as the origin of museums are re-visited for its conceptual correspondence with the house museum. Interpreting the house museum as the new curiosity cabinet, the analysis of the terms “house”, “home”, “museum” and “house museum” has the power to decipher the potentials of a spatial transformation, which renders the curiosity arousing concepts and spatial formations visible. Specific tools of architectural narrative are used to interpret selected cases, aiming to perform an integrated discussion on this architectural entity.
Citation Formats
A. Günhan, “From houses to house museums: architectural representation of different narrations,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2011.