Utilization of wheat bran fiber in crackers

Şahin, Ezgi
Dietary fiber is a component in the structure of plants which is an important aspect of diet and nutrition. The demand of fiber has increased significantly, as consumers recognize its health benefits such as reduction of risk of colon cancer, cholesterol lowering affect, regulating blood glucose levels and low calorie intake. Therefore food manufacturers pay more attention to develop new products containing high fiber content. Of all the categories of food products, bakery products are the most common fiber-enriched products. In this research two different wheat bran fibers (coarse and fine fibers) that are produced by microfluidization method are utilized in one of the highly consumed bakery product “cracker”. In this thesis study coarse and fine wheat bran fibers were utilized in different amounts with replace to wheat bran (0,15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75 g). The effects of wheat bran fiber on crackers were determined by rheological measurements of dough samples and it was found that as the amount of wheat bran fiber increases; elasticity increases as well. Textural analysis were conducted for both dough and cracker samples and these analysis demonstrated that wheat bran fiber containing dough had higher hardness values than non/less containing ones. In addition to the above analysis, HPLC analyses were done for ferulic acid determination which is a significant nutritive compound in wheat bran. It was concluded that ferulic acid amount in fiber was much higher than wheat bran. This research demonstrated that more nutritive and much fiber containing crackers could be made by using wheat bran fiber instead of wheat bran.
Citation Formats
E. Şahin, “Utilization of wheat bran fiber in crackers,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.