Tracing domestic change in Turkey’s poverty and social inclusion regime: a case in europeanization?

Saner, Fulya
Europeanization has been the subject of various studies in the last decades. It has been operationalized as a historical process, as a cultural diffusion of European values, as a process of institutional adaptation of institutions and lastly as the adaptation of policies. Taking the last approach, this thesis aims to examine the nature and the extent of the impact of the European Union’s poverty and social exclusion strategy on Turkish poverty and social exclusion regime in the EU accession process. It takes up a bottom-up research design by employing the domestic change as the dependent and the possible impact of the EU as the independent variable and questions whether and to what extent the EU accession process has an impact on the degree, nature and direction of domestic change in the field of poverty and social exclusion in Turkey in the last decade. It concludes that there has been a change in poverty and social exclusion policies in the last decade to varying degrees with respect to objectives, principles, procedures and instruments; however, the impact of the EU has been limited to policy learning.


Exploring the predictors of doctoral students academic satisfaction
Çapa Aydın, Yeşim; Gelmez Burakgazi, Sevinç; Toplu, Ezgi (null; 2011-09-16)
During last decade, doctoral education has been an issue of investigation and reform in response to several challenges. In United States, drop-out rates have been reported to be really high; i.e., about half does not persist to graduation (Bair & Haworth, 2004). The European Union changed the higher education agenda “to make Europe the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world” (Kehm, 2006, p. 67). In addition, the number of doctoral students has been observed to increase significant...
Building the expert teacher prototype: A metasummary of teacher expertise studies in primary and secondary education
Anderson, Jason; Taner, Gülden (2023-02-01)
While expert teachers remain a frequent focus of research in education, to date there have been very few attempts to conduct systematic reviews of this literature. This paper presents the findings of the first systematic metasummary of research on teacher expertise in K12 education (primary/elementary and secondary levels), based on analysis of 106 empirical studies from 16 countries involving 1124 teachers identified as experts. The inductively-developed coding framework was applied independently by both a...
Improving Asymmetric Decarboxylative Aldol Reaction and Synthesis of TPT-Acetylene Matrix
Güler, Hande; Tanyeli, Cihangir; Department of Chemistry (2022-8-17)
In recent years, studies, and the use of organocatalysts have increased considerably. Unlike metal catalysts, non-toxic, robust organocatalysts have ensured their usability in many organic reactions. In this work, a new sulfonamide type bifunctional organocatalyst was synthesized and used in the asymmetric reaction. First, the decarboxylative aldol reaction of α-amidohemimalonates with aldehydes was studied in the presence of a bifunctional organocatalyst. An optimization study of this reaction was performe...
Transforming constraints into strategies: the role of different forms of capital in the status passage of documented iranian migrants in Ankara, Turkey
Akis Kalaylıoğlu, Yasemin; Rittersberger Tılıç, Helga İda; Department of Sociology (2016)
This thesis focuses on the documented (regular) migration experiences of Iranians in Ankara by drawing upon the sociological conceptual tools of Pierre Bourdieu. The aim of this study is to understand, first of all, whether Turkey can be considered as a good destination for documented migration from the perspective of Iranian migrants. The author raises the question of why Iranians leave their home country, and what it is that they are looking for in the host society, which in this study is conceptualized a...
Towards an appraisal of the academic literature on determinants of child labour in Turkey
Sağlam, Burcu; Vural, İpek Eren; Department of Social Policy (2014)
This thesis has two interrelated aims. First, it aims to assess the mainstream theoretical approaches that account for the causes of increasing significance of child labour. Secondly, it aims to locate the evolution of child within its political economic context of capitalist development and crisis in Turkey especially since the 1980s. The thesis argues that changing dynamics of capitalist development especially since the 1970s, (such as the internationalisation of capital, the growing dominance of money fo...
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F. Saner, “Tracing domestic change in Turkey’s poverty and social inclusion regime: a case in europeanization?,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.