A novel user activity prediction model for context aware computing systems

Peker, Serhat
In the last decade, with the extensive use of mobile electronic and wireless communication devices, there is a growing need for context aware applications and many pervasive computing applications have become integral parts of our daily lives. Context aware recommender systems are one of the popular ones in this area. Such systems surround the users and integrate with the environment; hence, they are aware of the users' context and use that information to deliver personalized recommendations about everyday tasks. In this manner, predicting user’s next activity preferences with high accuracy improves the personalized service quality of context aware recommender systems and naturally provides user satisfaction. Predicting activities of people is useful and the studies on this issue in ubiquitous environment are considerably insufficient. Thus, this thesis proposes an activity prediction model to forecast a user’s next activity preference using past preferences of the user in certain contexts and current contexts of user in ubiquitous environment. The proposed model presents a new approach for activity prediction by taking advantage of ontology. A prototype application is implemented to demonstrate the applicability of this proposed model and the obtained outputs of a sample case on this application revealed that the proposed model can reasonably predict the next activities of the users.
Citation Formats
S. Peker, “A novel user activity prediction model for context aware computing systems,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.