An automated quality measurement approach for business process models

Gürbüz, Özge
Business process modeling has become a common need for organizations. Therefore process quality is also having an important role for the organizations. The most of the quality studies are based on cost and time which can be analyzed during or after the execution of the business processes. There are also quality measures which help analyzing measures before the execution of the business processes. This type of measures can give early feedback about the processes. There are three frameworks defined in the literature for a more comprehensive measurement. One of the frameworks is adapted from software programs and it aims to enable process design to be less error-prone, understandable and maintainable. The second framework is adapted from object-oriented software designs and it provides object-oriented view to the design of the business process. The last framework is adapted from ISO/IEC Software Product Quality enabling to measure the quality of process itself rather than the design. By conducting a case study, the measures defined in the frameworks are explored in terms of applicability, automation potential and required time and effort on a set of business process model. As a result of this study it is observed that measurement takes time and requires effort and is always error-prone. Therefore, an approach is implemented by automating the measures which have automation potential, in order to decrease the required time and effort and also to increase the accuracy of the measurement. The second case study is then conducted on a set of another business process models in order to validate the approach.
Citation Formats
Ö. Gürbüz, “An automated quality measurement approach for business process models,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.