Assessing the integration of historical stratification with the current context in multi-layered towns. case study: Amasya

Etyemez, Leyla
The major subject of this study is the multi-layered historical towns which are the outcome of continuous inhabitation process. This continuous inhabitation is reflected in the current town by the physical remains belonging to different periods. These remaining elements of the past periods can be conserved, as long as they become an integral part of the current urban context. Thus, sustaining the multi-layeredness requires sustaining the integration of the remaining elements of the former periods with the current context. Thereupon, the main aim of the thesis becomes to develop a method for assessing the integration of historical stratification with the current town in accordance with the physical, visual, functional, social and managerial aspects. Consequently, the main concerns of this thesis are understanding and assessing the historical stratification together with its integration with the current town. This makes possible to expose the factors of disintegration which can provide a basis for defining the strategies and tools for their reintegration with the current urban context. With regard to this aim, the thesis is composed of two parts. In the first part a method for the assessment of the integration of historical stratification with the current context is proposed by considering various factors affecting the integration. It also covers a preliminary discussions on re-integration tools and strategies. In the second part, the proposed method is applied on the case of Amasya which is a multi-layered historical Anatolian town in Turkey. Following this, a preliminary discussion on possible reintegration strategies and tools for the case of Amasya is carried on. The thesis concludes with a general evaluation of the method developed in this thesis for the assessment of the integration of the historical stratification with the current town based on the outcomes of the implementation of the proposed method on the case of Amasya . The method developed in this thesis can be regarded as an initial step for revealing the factors effecting integration of the remains of past periods forming up the historical stratification in multi-layered towns, which can lead to the future possible re-integration strategies and tools in order to provide their sustainable conservation.


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L. Etyemez, “Assessing the integration of historical stratification with the current context in multi-layered towns. case study: Amasya,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2011.