Development of a computer program for friction winding system design

Ünal, Fuat Gökhan
As the trend to deeper mines continues, mine hoists and associated equipment will become more sophisticated, complex, large and expensive. Correct selection of the right type of hoist is imperative. In this vital link between underground and surface, crude estimates of hoist capacity are not good enough, and the mining engineer must design and select the right hoisting system to meet the design specifications and establish the most suitable operating parameters. This study aims to constitute a software model, which results all required design parameters of friction type winding system on minimum required power. The computer program has been structured on Microsoft Visual Basic programming language. The program requires user inputs (winding depth, hourly hoisting capacity) and selections (type and number of motors, type of friction wheel mounting) to run macros and equations so that the operating parameters such as skip capacity, rope type and diameter, hoisting speed, acceleration, cycle period, friction wheel diameter are determined to give the minimum motor power requirement.
Citation Formats
F. G. Ünal, “Development of a computer program for friction winding system design,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.