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Design of a GaN Based Integrated Modular Motor Drive

Uğur, Mesut
Keysan, Ozan
In this study, design procedure of an Integrated Modular Motor Drive (IMMD) is presented focusing on high power density. The design is based on a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) and GaN FETs. Fractional slot concentrated windings are used on the stator. Slot/pole combination and winding configuration is selected based on having low cogging torque and high winding factor. An extended motor drive inverter topology is proposed where 2-level voltage source inverters are connected both in series and parallel. Optimum selection of number of modules is discussed and power semiconductor devices are selected based on loss characterization. Optimum DC link capacitor bank is determined and the effect of interleaving is investigated. The performance of the motor is validated with ANSYS/1V1axwell simulations. Motor drive performance is obtained with MATLAB/Simulink simulations. The efficiency of the motor drive is enhanced by 2% compared to a conventional motor drive. An overall system power density over 1 kW/It has been achieved with the proposed series/parallel motor drive configuration having GaN FETs.