Land surface emissivity variations at infrared wavelengths for the selected regions in Turkey

Akyüz, Berat
In this thesis, land surface emissivity variations are examined with respect to the land surface type, wavelength, and time (season and month) for the seven selected regions in Turkey using MODIS emissivity database and precipitation amount. Investigating land surface emissivity variations are important in many applications and it is known that studies about these variations are done for many regions except Turkey. This study is prior knowledge for Turkey to be used in infrared (IR) background models, surface radiation budget calculations, and land cover type classifications specific for Turkey. The results indicate that precipitation has a great influence on monthly/seasonal emissivity values depending on the land cover type and causes spectral emissivity variations. As a result, we determined appropriate IR wavelengths for the investigation of the seasonal emissivity variations and seasonal factors causing emissivity variations according to the land cover types.