Spatio-administrative dimensions of urban growth: the case of city of denizli

Yoloğlu, Ali Cenap
It has been widely acknowledged that boundary problems resulting from urban growth is one of the persistent issues at the local level. At least three main problem areas have been identified: fragmentation of the planning system, inefficiency in the service provision and the scale of local participation. The main objective of this thesis is to analyze the restructuring of the organizational structure and statutes of local authorities in terms of boundary changes, amalgamation and annexation with reference to the Turkish case. The city of Denizli has been taken as a case study as there has been a recent change in the municipal boundaries which brought the annexation of small-sized municipalities to the Denizli Municipality. The thesis problematizes the Denizli case in terms of planning processes, service provision and local participation. The experience of other countries and the literature on this issue are to be used in order to provide a yardstick against which the case of Denizli could be measured.
Citation Formats
A. C. Yoloğlu, “Spatio-administrative dimensions of urban growth: the case of city of denizli,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2011.