Characterization of arylamine N-Acetyltranferase in tissues from human breast cancer

Geylan, Y. Senem


Characterization of skeletal muscle lipids in obese mice lines
Aras, Ebru; Severcan, Feride; Department of Biology (2012)
Obesity becomes an epidemic health problem in developing and developed countries, which arises due to stable life style and increase in the consumption of high fat diets. Obesity is generally accompanied with various clinical disorders, such as insulin resistance, type II diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia and cardiovascular diseases. This study aims to characterize and quantify different lipid classes in longissimus dorsi (LD) and quadriceps (Q) skeletal muscles of control (DBA/2J), obese Berlin fat mous...
Characterization of methionly TRNA synthetase from chicken liver.
Çırakoğlu, Beyazıt; Department of Biological Sciences (1980)
Adalı, Orhan (1988-07-08)
Characterization of aniline 4-hydroxylase from lamb liver microsomes.
Yiğiter, Mesude; Department of Biological Sciences (1978)
Characterization of intravenous immunoglobulin-mediated functional changes in innate immune cells
Geçkin, Büşranur; Gürsel, Mayda; Department of Biology (2019)
Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIg) is mainly composed of IgG derived from pooled plasma of healthy individuals and used to treat variety of immune diseases. Low dose administration can activate the immune system in case of immunodeficiencies, while high doses suppress immune responses in autoimmune/autoinflammatory conditions. The mechanisms underlying this disparate effect is poorly understood. Herein, we examined the effects of IVIg treatment on the functionality of specific innate immune cell populations ...
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Y. S. Geylan, “Characterization of arylamine N-Acetyltranferase in tissues from human breast cancer,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.