Experimental investigation of the effects of waveform tip injection on the characteristics of tip leakage vortex in a lpt cascade

Mercan, Bayram
This study presents the results of an experimental study that investigates the effects of uniform/waveform tip injection along the camberline on the total pressure loss characteristics downstream of a row of Low Pressure Turbine (LPT) blades. The experiments are performed in a low speed cascade facility. This injection technique involves spanwise jets at the tip that are issued from a series of holes along the camber line normal to the freestream flow direction. The injection mass flow rate from each hole is individually controlled using computer driven solenoid valves and therefore the flow injection geometrical pattern at the tip can be adjusted to any desired waveform shape, and can be uniform as well as waveform along the camber. Measurements involve Kiel probe traverses for different injection scenarios 0.5 axial chords downstream of the blades. Results show that, instead of performing uniform mass injection along the camberline, by selecting an appropriate waveform injection pattern one can reduce the total loss levels of the blade, including the tip leakage loss as well as the wake losses.