Spatio-temporal transformation of ‘bağ’ settlements and their changing unique character in the case of Muğla, Karabağlar

Koca, Feray
‘Bağ’ settlements have been a part of dynamic spatial systems, which seasonally depend on and reciprocally interact with Anatolian towns throughout centuries. This thesis presents the transforming setting of ‘bağ’ settlements related to changing values and meanings through an ontological assessment. Therefore, the thesis assumes that the main values of spatial organization, farmland pattern, ecological formation, settlement character, socio-cultural structure and lifestyle of the inhabitants constitute the unique entity of ‘bağ’ settlements. In time, the pressures of changing socio-economic conditions have destroyed the interaction between Anatolian towns and ‘bağ’ settlements. The thesis explains the changing role of ‘bağ’ settlements, changing and conflicting land uses and the loss of unique ‘bağ’ character in the case of Muğla-Karabağlar. Karabağlar is a ‘bağ’ settlement in the southwestern Turkey, where Muğla town residents live seasonally. It is a third grade natural site, the unique character, the natural and cultural assets and the lifestyle of which must be preserved. However, with transformation of the main values, meanings and practices, Karabağlar could no longer perpetuated its initial existence of being. Karabağlar is significant for two reasons: it has natural and cultural beings that need to be conserved, and as it still goes through a transformation process. The master’s thesis of the author evaluated conservation plan of Karabağlar. Differently, this doctoral thesis evaluates the dynamics of the spatio-temporal transformation process in Karabağlar. It presents the changing role and significance of Karabağlar within the town-country continuum. This situation brings forward the conservation problematic of the character, landscape and uniqueness of Karabağlar. Within this respect, the thesis contributes to the literature of ‘bağ’ settlements in terms of defining their being and changing role throughout the history.
Citation Formats
F. Koca, “Spatio-temporal transformation of ‘bağ’ settlements and their changing unique character in the case of Muğla, Karabağlar,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2012.