On Isomorphic classification of cartesian products of lp-Finite and lq-Infinite power series spaces

Şimşek, Aytaç


On generalized semi-infinite optimization of genetic networks
Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm; Tezel, Aysun (2007-07-01)
Since some years, the emerging area of computational biology is looking for its mathematical foundations. Based on modem contributions given to this area, our paper approaches modeling and prediction of gene-expression patterns by optimization theory, with a special emphasis on generalized semi-infinite optimization. Based on experimental data, nonlinear ordinary differential equations are obtained by the optimization of least-squares errors. The genetic process can be investigated by a time-discretization ...
On order properties of compact operators in Banach lattices.
Gök, Ömer; Department of Mathematics (1985)
On semilinear elliptic boundary value problems.
Sağsen, Onur; Department of Mathematics (1982)
On generalizations of topological games
Önal, Süleyman; VURAL, ÇETİN (Elsevier BV, 2019-05-01)
We establish three games as generalizations of the Banach-Mazur game, the Choquet game and the point-open game. We find a characterization of compact scattered spaces by using one of the generalized games and show a relation between the other generalized games and domain representability.
On representations of Clifford algebras of Ternary cubic forms
Coşkun, Emre; Mustopa, Yusuf (2010-08-14)
In this article, we provide an overview of a one-to-one correspondence between representations of the generalized Clifford algebra C-f of a ternary cubic form f and certain vector bundles (called Ulrich bundles) on a cubic surface X. We study general properties of Ulrich bundles, and using a recent classification of Casanellas and Hartshorne, deduce the existence of irreducible representations of C-f of every possible dimension.
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A. Şimşek, “On Isomorphic classification of cartesian products of lp-Finite and lq-Infinite power series spaces,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.