The Integrated lake basin management planning : a study on the Beyşehir Lake basin

Altay, Ezgi
This study aims at elaborating the Integrated Lake Basin Management Planning (ILBM) approach, which is considered as a sustainable management model for lake basins, and evaluating the applicability of this approach in Turkey. ILBM considers both biophysical features and managerial requirements of lake basin systems. It pays attention to inherent dynamics between humans and nature. ILBM has been developed on the basis of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), which seeks the wise use of water; i.e. using water resources with reference to the conservation principles and thresholds. The study elaborates the ILBM planning and focuses on a case study, namely the Beyşehir Lake Basin. Beyşehir Lake is the third largest lake and biggest freshwater lake of Turkey. Its basin is important with the distinctive natural features it accommodates in two national parks, a special bird site, a special plant site and a natural protected site. However, improper use of the Lake’s resources has threatened its natural and ecological qualities, despite the simultaneous conservation efforts. This study, having analyzed the past planning efforts on the Basin with regard to the ILBM principles and criteria, points to the insufficiencies in institutional structure and participation. Meanwhile, the study --depending on the findings of a questionnaire conducted with the stakeholders of the Basin-- also underlines that most of the stakeholders are unaware of the changes that the Lake faced, and they do not know about the existing plans of the Basin. This proves the need for stronger interinstitutional relationships and cooperation so as to take coherent actions. This is important for the management and planning in lake basins, but particularly in the ones which lie on more than one settlement’s administrative boundaries like the Beyşehir Lake. For the efficient and effective implementation of the ILBM in Turkey’s lake basins, the related legislation should be revised accordingly.
Citation Formats
E. Altay, “The Integrated lake basin management planning : a study on the Beyşehir Lake basin,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.