Inclusion control at Çemtaş steel plant

Şahin, Berkay
ÇEMTAŞ Steel Plant produces alloy steels used principally by the automotive industry. Demands of customers for cleaner steel with “fewer, smaller and homogenously distributed inclusions” are getting tighter with time. The tight demands of the customers are checked by ultrasonic testing and faulty regions are cut off and scrapped which results in production losses in steel plants. Decreasing production losses due to scrapping by producing cleaner steels is therefore a major concern. The objective of this study is to investigate factors affecting the cleanliness of the steels produced by ÇEMTAŞ. With this objective, the steelmaking practice used was thoroughly investigated and the possible origins of inclusions in the final product was tried to be found. Based on the findings, process parameters like temperature, time, quantities of additives to steel, intensity of stirring etc. were varied with the objective of determining the optimum production practice. .
Citation Formats
B. Şahin, “Inclusion control at Çemtaş steel plant,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.