Women and Occupational Sex Segregation In Turkish Labor Market, 2004-2010

Gülen, Gülşah
The effects of occupational sex segregation on wage differentials and poverty, and the factors behind the differentiation on occupational choices are analyzed in various studies. There are also recent studies analyzing Turkish case. However, there are limited attempts combining both segregation and occupational decision in Turkish labor market. This thesis wants to fill this gap and as well as contribute the literature of Turkish labor market and OSS, with analyzing the most current data of Household Labor Force Survey (HLFS) 2004-2010. It is expected to find stability in segregation in the period under consideration as verified by the thesis. It is found that the contribution of different occupations to the extent of segregation also differs. In addition, differentiation with regard to factors on occupational choices of men and women are also found. Further analysis should be carried to make relevant and effective policies to reduce occupational sex segregation.
Citation Formats
G. Gülen, “Women and Occupational Sex Segregation In Turkish Labor Market, 2004-2010,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.