A Critical analysis of the transformation of the social security system in Turkey in the context of new constitutionalism and Europeanizatiion

Çampınarı, Duygu
From the 1980s onwards, there has been a general transformation in social policy in line with the transformation of the welfare state worldwide. While the neoliberal restructuring of capital and the state has initiated this transformation in the 1980s, neoliberal globalization and competitiveness pressures upon the competition states have accelerated this process through necessitating the reordering of priorities around policies that pursue market ascendancy. As a result, the international governance framework has been reshaped in a way that aims to separate economic policy from the political influences of the governments and to provide capital a ‘protected domain’, which refers to “new constitutionalism”. On the other hand, the Europeanization process can be described as the extension of new constitutionalism in the EU level; therefore, it reshapes the social policy understanding through confining it with the boundaries of the EU economy. The thesis attempts to explain the processes of neoliberal restructuring, new constitutionalism and Europeanization to provide a theoretical framework to the analysis of the social security reform in Turkey. It aims to examine the impact of the processes of new constitutionalism and Europeanization on the social security reform and to analyze the reform process taking into consideration class relations and, then, to make a critical analysis of the transformation.


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D. Çampınarı, “A Critical analysis of the transformation of the social security system in Turkey in the context of new constitutionalism and Europeanizatiion,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.