Internationalization of Capital, Globalization, and the State

Günay, Sedat Ilgaz
In this thesis, the relation between the internationalization of capital and the national state in the context of globalization is put under critical scrutiny. Elucidation of the dynamics of the globalization process constitutes a crucial significance for the understanding of the contemporary transformations in the capital accumulation and the state. It is aimed to propose a conceptual framework to transcend the dualist comprehensions between the political and economic, capital and the state, and global and national that are widespread within the analyses of globalization. It is asserted that dualist conceptualizations obscure the elucidation of the underlying social relations that pave the way for the internationalization of capital. It is argued that a relational perspective, which emphasizes the social relational character of the state and capital, can explicate the contradictory unity of the political and economic by conceiving these phenomena as forms of presence of the capitalist relations of production. It is claimed that a relational perspective provides a fertile framework of analysis for the elucidation of the process of globalization by overcoming the juxtaposition of the global capital and the national states through the argument that they exist in and through their internal relations within the capitalist relations of production. It is proposed that, the internationalization of capital should not be conceived as a recent phenomenon, but as an incessant process reconstituted through different forms beginning from the historical constitution of the capitalist relations of production. Furthermore, a relational perspective, which conceives the international system of national states not as in opposition to the international capital accumulation but as an indispensible internal part of it, is proposed. In the thesis, neo-Gramscian analyses, the regulation school and the relational approaches are critically examined in terms of their conceptualizations of the relations between the political and economic, capital and the state, and global and national. It is intended to propose a conceptualization that enables the elaboration of the continuity and unity of the internationalization of the capitalist relations as well as their differentiation and uneven development.
Citation Formats
S. I. Günay, “Internationalization of Capital, Globalization, and the State,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.