Geological, hydrogeological and geochemical analysis of the geothermal systems in The Büyük Menderes Graben

Güdücü, Hatice
Geothermal reservoirs have become very popular in the last decades due to their renewable energy contents. Turkey has a high geothermal energy potential; especially Western Anatolia is a promising region in terms of its highest energy. Büyük Menderes Graben system is a tectonically active extensional region and is undergoing a N–S extension leading to form geothermal fields in the graben. In the last decade, geothermal exploration, investigations and investments have been increased rapidly through the law related to geothermal energy assigned. The aim of this study is to analyze the geothermal fields located in the graben system in order to investigate their geological, hydrogeological and geochemical features and reservoir characteristics. A data set is compiled from the accessible archives, published papers and documents and several variables have been searched at every field in the graben. The variables include the fluid temperature, the distance to sea, the depth to the reservoir, the reservoir lithology, the chemical constituents, etc. In view of these variables the fields are compared and constrasted and their common characterisrics have been noted. Interpretation of the data set reveals that the fields have some common features and characters however some fields have got notable differences.