Subordination of the Arab regional system : the cases of Egypt & Iraq

Işıksal, Hüseyin
This study attempts to analyze the ‘subordination’ of the Arab regional system by giving special reference to Egypt and Iraq, as the two most prominent Arab countries that challenged the established Westphalian state system in the Middle East. Through introducing the concept of ‘subordination’, the research seeks to answer the questions of ‘what makes the Middle East different than other regions?’ and ‘how the Middle East subordinated to the international system?’ The conduct of the thesis is based upon three interrelated discussions; systemic origins of the subordination and its main characteristics, subordination of the Middle East as sub-international regional system, and finally the case studies which testify and approve the validity and implications of the theoretical arguments that presented in the former parts of the thesis. Through the exercise of independent, original, and critical thought, this thesis aims to build on existing knowledge by using already known materials but with a new conceptualizations, design and interpretation.
Citation Formats
H. Işıksal, “ Subordination of the Arab regional system : the cases of Egypt & Iraq,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2012.