Object tracking system with seamless object handover between stationary and moving camera modes

Emeksiz, Deniz
As the number of surveillance cameras and mobile platforms with cameras increases, automated detection and tracking of objects on these systems gain importance. There are various tracking methods designed for stationary or moving cameras. For stationary cameras, correspondence based tracking methods along with background subtraction have various advantages such as enabling detection of object entry and exit in a scene. They also provide robust tracking when the camera is static. However, they fail when the camera is moving. Conversely, histogram based methods such as mean shift enables object tracking on moving camera cases. Though, with mean shift object’s entry and exit cannot be detected automatically which means a new object’s manual initialization is required. In this thesis, we propose a dual-mode object tracking system which combines the benefits of correspondence based tracking and mean shift tracking. For each frame, a reliability measure based on background update rate is calculated. Interquartile Range is used for finding outliers on this measure and camera movement is detected. If the camera is stationary, correspondence based tracking is used and when camera is moving, the system switches to the mean shift tracking mode until the reliability of correspondence based tracking is sufficient according to the reliability measure. The results demonstrate that, in stationary camera mode, new objects can be detected automatically by correspondence based tracking along with background subtraction. When the camera starts to move, generation of false objects by correspondence based tracking is prevented by switching to mean shift tracking mode and handing over the correct bounding boxes with a seamless operation which enables continuous tracking.
Citation Formats
D. Emeksiz, “Object tracking system with seamless object handover between stationary and moving camera modes,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.