Determination of ambient levels and sources of volatile organic compounds in İzmir-Aliağa Region

Doğan, Güray
In this study, atmospheric levels and sources of VOCs at Aliağa industrial area was investigated. For this, VOC concentrations were measured at two monitoring stations through winter and summer campaigns in 2005 and 2006. Sampling stations were located in downtown Aliağa and downwind of industrial facilities, approximately 500 m to the south east of Horozgediği village. After the summer sampling, another temporary station was installed in between PETKİM and TÜPRAŞ, named as TÜPRAŞ Station to generate TÜPRAŞ and PETKİM profiles. More than 50 species were measured in all stations. In all stations, toluene has the highest contribution to total VOC concentration. Toluene is followed by m,p-xylene and benzene. While higher concentrations of traffic related VOCs were measured at Aliağa station, VOCs from industrial solvents and industrial processes were higher at Horozgediği station. The concentration levels in Aliağa and Horozgediği are found to be comparable to the other industrial regions reported in the literature. Investigation of episodes, diurnal variations of VOCs and meteorological parameters showed that PETKİM and TÜPRAŞ emissions affect the concentrations levels at Horozgediği and Aliağa stations. Source profiles of PETKİM and TÜPRAŞ are determined by using the TÜPRAŞ station data set. 2-methyl-hexane, benzene and 2,2,3-tri-methyl-butane+2,3-di-methyl-pentane are found to be good markers of PETKİM emissions. Ten different VOC sources were identified in the region. These were gasoline exhaust, diesel exhaust, natural gas use, gasoline evaporation, industrial emissions-1, natural gas construction, non-industrial solvent use, industrial emissions-2, PETKİM emissions, and mixed emissions from PETKİM and shipbreaking facilities.
Citation Formats
G. Doğan, “Determination of ambient levels and sources of volatile organic compounds in İzmir-Aliağa Region,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2013.