A Parametric study on the influence of semi-rigid connection nonlinearity on steel special moment frames

Metin, Tolga
In practice, steel frames are analyzed and designed by assuming all beam to column connections as either rigid or simple. In real life, there are no such idealizations as rigid or simple and all connections would actually belong to a group of connections named as semi rigid connections. Various difficulties exist in modeling an accurate non-linear behavior of a steel structure, where one of these challenges is the modeling of semi-rigid behavior of connections. A detailed finite element model would take into account the complex interaction between all surfaces due to contact, friction and bolt pretension besides the material and geometrical nonlinearity effects. All these nonlinearity effects could be simply lumped as a moment-rotation type model at the connection region. Such a methodology is followed in this thesis and the main aim is to study the lumped nonlinear behavior of steel semi-rigid connections on the overall structural responses of steel Special Moment Frames. In this thesis three, nine and fifteen story steel Special Moment Frames are analyzed and designed as rigid frames first, and then the frames are reanalyzed considering non-linear effects due to semi-rigid connections. Changes in the ductility and overstrength reduction factors obtained from pushover curves are compared between the rigid and semi rigid modeling alternatives.