Automatic multi-scale-segmentation of high spatial resolution satellite images using watersheds

Şahin, Kerem
Useful information extraction from satellite images for the use of other higher level applications such as road network extraction and update, city planning etc. is a very important and active research area. It is seen that pixel-based techniques becomes insufficient for this task with increasing spatial resolution of satellite imaging sensors day by day. Therefore, the use of object-based techniques becomes indispensable and the segmentation method selection is very crucial for object-based techniques. In this thesis, various segmentation algorithms applied in remote sensing literature are presented and a segmentation process that is based on watersheds and multi-scale segmentation is proposed to use as the segmentation step of an object-based classifier. For every step of the proposed segmentation process, qualitative and quantitative comparisons with alternative approaches are done. The ones which provide best performance are incorporated into the proposed algorithm. Also, an unsupervised segmentation accuracy metric to determine all parameters of the algorithm is proposed. By this way, the proposed segmentation algorithm has become a fully automatic approach. Experiments that are done on a database formed with images taken from Google Earth® software provide promising results.
Citation Formats
K. Şahin, “Automatic multi-scale-segmentation of high spatial resolution satellite images using watersheds,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.