Dielectric properties of fuel oils and their ethanol mixtures investigated by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy

Arık, Enis
The purpose of this study is to investigate the dielectric properties of fuel oils and their ethanol mixtures in the THz spectral region. We presented frequency dependent absorption coefficients, refractive indices, and dielectric constants calculated from the measurements of pure and mixtures of fuel oils. As the mixing ratio changes, meaningful shifts were observed in refractive index and absorption coefficient of the mixtures. For pure liquids, we used Debye model which provides a good estimate for the dielectric parameters of pure liquids in microwave region and also in the THz region. Bruggeman model, which is used for describing the interaction between liquids in binary mixtures, did not work for ethanol mixtures of gasoline within our assumptions. However, these mixtures were modeled successfully with a modified Debye model in which the mixture behavior was described with a basic contribution approach. The results suggest that there is no strong interaction between the ethanol and the molecules in the gasoline. We concluded that this new approach offers a simple and useful method to determine the concentration of ethanol in gasoline with 3% (by volume) maximum error.