Armenian terrorism and the Turkish press (1973-1984)

Çağan, Hazel
This research examines how Turkish newspapers approached the Armenian terrorism which emerged in the years between 1973 and 1984 as the third wave since the late 19th century. The Armenian terrorist organizations officially emerged in 1975 in order to show the world their rightfulness in terms of the so-called Armenian genocide, assassinating Turkish diplomats, including ambassadors and their families, in a planned and systematic fashion within these 11 years. These terrorist activities accelerated from time to time. Along with the accelerated Armenian terror, domestic terrorism and political disorder were the other developments in Turkey. Within the context of such difficulties, the extent of Armenian terrorist activities and the changes in the politically varied Turkish newspapers' regarding Armenian terrorism within these 11 years are examined thoroughly.
Citation Formats
H. Çağan, “Armenian terrorism and the Turkish press (1973-1984),” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.