Turkish - British economic relations 2002 - 2012 : an intensely political relationship

Angliss, John
Over the last ten years Britain and Turkey have sustained an unusually harmonious economic relationship. However, this has not been the outcome of undirected free markets and the effective exploitation of comparative advantage. Instead, it has come about as the result of a series of political compromises. This analysis looks at how the relationship has evolved on a variety of political levels: through international organisations, state-to-state diplomacy, the direct state sponsorship of British business in Turkey and the varied political relations of British multinationals inside Turkey. At each level, activist British governments have used political methods to promote British business, even sometimes at the expense of their reputation or other strategic interests. Complementing this is a structural power imbalance between the two countries, which has helped open up Turkey’s markets to British capital.
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J. Angliss, “Turkish - British economic relations 2002 - 2012 : an intensely political relationship,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.