European Union and Turkish footwear industry : a case of top-down Europeanization?

Erdoğan, F. Deniz
In this research, European footwear industry and its interaction to Turkish footwear industry will be analyzed in the context of Turkey-EU relations. Main target is to frame the impacts of relevant policies implemented to Turkey in its accession process to the European Union and assess the possible outcomes by seeking an answer to the question whether if the legal framework of this industry is being shaped from a top-down approach under the EU directives.


Understanding brand building processes in an emerging market context : the interplay between TURQUALITY program and the Turkish jewellery companies
Yaran, İlkin; Karababa, Eminegül; Department of Business Administration (2014)
This study aims to understand the interplay between TURQUALITY program and the Turkish companies in their brand building processes, taking the case of jewellery industry. Jewelleries are fashion and luxury consumption items and jewellery brands provide symbolic resources for consumers. Therefore, this study also focuses on TURQUALITY program's guidance in more complex brand management context which necessitates symbolic branding strategies. The study adopts qualitative research to understand how these jewel...
Analysis of demand and pricing policies in Turkey beer market
Özgüven, Cemhan; Güven, Yusuf Çağlar; Department of Industrial Engineering (2004)
The purpose of this work is to study the beer market in Turkey in respect of demand analysis and with a view to assess whether the marketing and in particular pricing policies adopted by industry players in the period 1997-2002 have been efficient. Of specific interest is the near duopolistic structure of the market and the question whether pricing policies followed during the period 1997-2002 have been determinant in the observed sales volumes. The investigation focuses first on the analysis of the determi...
The state of outsourcing design expertise in the Turkish manufacturing industry
Oran, Yasemin; Hasdoğan, Gülay Fatma; Department of Industrial Design (2006)
This study aims to present the state of outsourcing design in the Turkish manufacturing industry, which, in the past, has been scrutinized in a limited sense. An investigation has been carried out in order to reveal the reasons for and procedures of hiring product design services from outside resources and to explore -if any- the benefits gained from this collaboration through a survey conducted with either design or production managers from a sample selection of firms manufacturing and/or marketing product...
European Union citizenship and its impacts on the formation of European political identity
Kolsuz, Neval; Yurdusev, Ahmet Nuri; Department of European Studies (2010)
This thesis aims at evaluating the impacts of European Union Citizenship on the development process of European political identity. With the introduction of European Union citizenship upon the ratification of the Treaty of Maastricht, a breath of fresh air has been brought to the ongoing debates and a new form of citizenship has taken its place in the literature. The “workers’ right to free movement ” which was the core of the push for European citizenship, has played a pioneering role for the rights engend...
Risk assessment for a denim manufacturing plant in Turkey
Arda (Mungan), Meral; Yetiş, Ülkü; Department of Environmental Engineering (2008)
A risk assessment study is conducted in a denim manufacturing plant in Turkey. The study is carried out within the framework of a project on adopting the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Directive of the European Union. The scope of the assessment is fire or explosion risk with regards to hazardous chemicals present in the plant. The receptor of the study is defined as “people”; which include the employees in the plant, employees of nearby plants and people in residential around the mill. ...
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F. D. Erdoğan, “European Union and Turkish footwear industry : a case of top-down Europeanization?,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.