Shopping malls in Ankara as the new “non-places” of the generic capital city

Erişen, Serdar
The primary aim of this study is to question the economic, social and spatial transformation processes in contemporary world and the influences of the late-capitalism on cities and architectural spaces especially by the rise of technological developments. In this respect, the study analyses the importance of the shopping malls as the new archetypes in these restructuring processes by reading “cross-cultural” theories on economy and society, and the spatial reflections of the changes in such structural relations. The city of Ankara and the surrounding shopping malls together have been chosen to discuss the significance of local agents, their limits, parameters and actions in order to understand the dialectics of these restructuring processes of the information age at the local scale.
Citation Formats
S. Erişen, “Shopping malls in Ankara as the new “non-places” of the generic capital city,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2013.