Europeanisation of the Turkish energy sector

Ünal, Serhan
This thesis analyses Europeanisation process of the Turkish energy sector by comparing and contrasting the current situation of the sector with the European standards and by using the Turkish electricity market as a case study. In order to do this, it first focuses on the meaning of Europeanisation in energy sector and reveals the fundamentals of it by moving from several European energy strategy documents and 15 Turkey progress reports. The three pillars of Europeanisation in the energy sector are identified as security, competitiveness and sustainability. These three pillars are decomposed into seven principles as diversification of sources and routes, integration with the others, having storage capacities, liberalisation, green energy production and energy efficiency. Compatibility of the Turkish electricity market with the European standards is analysed and exemplified in accordance with the three pillars-seven principles structure upon which Europeanisation depends.
Citation Formats
S. Ünal, “Europeanisation of the Turkish energy sector,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.