Compliance mechanisms under multilateral environmental agreements a comparative analysis of Montreal and Kyoto protocols

Savaşan, Zerrin
The main aim of this study is to make a detailed examination on one of the fundamental concerns of global environmental governance, compliance issue, within the context of the compliance mechanisms (CMs) created under the multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs). In this respect, in the study, it is basicly scrutinized what the role of the CMs is in ensuring better compliance of the parties with their commitments under the MEAs. In the framework of this examination, a comparative analysis is made between compliance mechanisms under Montreal Protocol and under Kyoto Protocol on the basis of four main dimensions: gathering information, procedures/institutional structure, measures and functioning of the mechanisms in practice. Based on the findings, it is argued that, in case that the weaknesses of the compliance mechanisms are improved and the coordination between them is ensured, the current system of compliance mechanisms can be responsive for better compliance.