Two essays on real estate economics and finance

Duran, Murat
This thesis presents two studies on real estate economics and finance which are separate but interrelated. The first chapter investigates the transmission of monetary policy to real estate-related industries in Turkey by estimating the effect of policy decisions on the stock prices of real estate-related industries. The study addresses endogeneity and omitted variable problems inherent in the relationship between stock prices and monetary policy by employing a heteroskedasticity based identification set-up. The empirical results indicate that the impact of monetary policy on the real estate-related industries is strong and the identification set-up employed in the study weakly improves the results obtained by using the straightforward event study approach which is widely used in the related literature. The second chapter assesses the short-run inflation hedging ability of Turkish real estate investment trusts (REIT) by estimating the response of REIT returns to changes in inflation using individual firm data, aggregated index data and panel data. The specification used in the study allows asymmetry in the responses of REIT returns to increases and decreases in the inflation. Empirical results indicate that allowing for asymmetric responses significantly improves the estimations and Turkish REITs act as perverse hedges against rising inflation. On the contrary, Turkish REITs depreciate when inflation decreases.


Exploring House Price Dynamics: An Agent-Based Simulation with Behavioral Heterogeneity
Ozbakan, Tolga A.; Kale, Serdar; Dikmen Toker, İrem (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-08-01)
The objective of this study is to contribute to the understanding of price formations in housing markets through an agent-based simulation that conceptualizes insights from behavioral economics. For this purpose, the study uses a prominent real estate market model as a benchmark and extends it to account for (1) behavioral heterogeneity and (2) dynamic agent interaction. The validation of the model is carried out by using real data from the Turkish housing market. The results show that the introduction of a...
Modelling and implementation of local volatility surfaces
Animoku, Abdulwahab; Yolcu Okur, Yeliz; Uğur, Ömür; Department of Financial Mathematics (2014)
In this thesis, Dupire local volatility model is studied in details as a means of modeling the volatility structure of a financial asset. In this respect, several forms of local volatility equations have been derived: Dupire's local volatility, local volatility as conditional expectation, and local volatility as a function of implied volatility. We have proven the main results of local volatility model discussed in the literature in details. In addition, we have also proven the local volatility model under ...
Analysis of inflation dynamics in Turkey: a New Keynesian Phillips Curve approach
Eruygur, Ayşegül; Erlat, Haluk; Department of Economics (2011)
The main aim of this thesis is to explain the inflation dynamics in Turkey within a theoretically consistent empirical framework. The New Keynesian Phillips Curve (NKPC) is chosen as the basis model for our analysis because, by describing the inflation process within an intertemporal optimizing dynamic general equilibrium model, it provides a rigorous analytical groundwork for credible welfare and policy analysis. We have contributed to the literature by developing a NKPC formulation that is novel in the li...
Information in the financial news: effect of market commentary on stock market performance
Giray, Aynur; Danışoğlu, Seza; Department of Business Administration (2012)
This paper studies the effect of investment sentiment on asset prices. A sentiment proxy is calculated by performing content analysis on the Wall Street Journal‘s "Heard on the Street‘ columns. This proxy is extracted by the principal component analysis of the word tags from the Harvard psychological dictionary that is used by the content analysis software General Inquirer. The relationship between stock prices, trading volume and the media sentiment proxy is estimated within the VAR context. Results sugges...
Institutional approaches to technology and economic history
Dildar, Yasemin; Yıldırım, Onur; Department of Economics (2009)
This thesis is an attempt to reassess the long debated issues of economic history from the perspective of institutional economics. Besides examining different approaches to technology and its impact on economic and social life, it analyzes the role of institutions in history. It discusses the institutional interpretations of the critical developments of economic history such as, the Industrial Revolution and the Great Divergence, with an emphasis on differences between the two scholarly traditions, namely, ...
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M. Duran, “Two essays on real estate economics and finance,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.