Exploration of English as a foreign language students’ perceptions about online authentic readings /

Yaman, Mustafa
This study was carried out in order to find out the effects of online reading of current news articles from authentic news websites and answering the comprehension questions about those texts on motivation and perceptions towards the reading of English preparatory students. The study was conducted at a state university whose medium of instruction is English. Twenty-seven pre-intermediate level students participated in the study. To collect data about the reading motivation of the students towards doing reading exercises for proficiency exam purposes, two questionnaires (before and after the study) were designed and implemented. The study lasted for four weeks and the students read a total sum of 14 texts that were uploaded on EDMODO and replied back on the website with the answers of the questions. The findings revealed that the students had already had high levels of motivation towards reading online in L2, and after the study, it even increased since they read online news articles on authentic news websites and did reading exercises consisting of comprehension questions about those articles. The students stated that doing reading drills online was more motivating, fun and faster than the traditional paper-and-pen approach. The results of the research displayed that integrating online news texts from authentic news websites into the reading curriculum can boost the reading motivation of the students studying at English preparatory schools and learning academic English.