Implementation and comparison of different constitutive models in deep drawing process

Çoğun, Ferah
The aim of the study is to find out the effects of different models namely; BBC2008-8p, Yld2003-8p, Hu2003, isotropic hardening, kinematic hardening, combined hardening and Hill’48 on simulation of cylindrical, square and round bottom cup drawing processes. For this purpose two different sheet materials, SS304 stainless steel and DKP6112 steel with 1 mm thickness and three different punch travels were used in both computer simulation and experimental phase of this study. BBC2008-8p, Yld2003-8p and Hu2003 models were implemented to the software with the user material subroutine. The thickness strain distributions obtained by simulations for the seven models were compared with the experimental findings to find out their consistency. It is found that the implemented recent models namely, BBC2008-8p, Yld2003-8p and Hu2003 models are better to predict the material behavior in deep drawing cases presented in the study .