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The effect of strain rate and temperature on deep drawing for different constitutive relations

Gökşen, Seçkin
In this study, the effects of strain rate and temperature on deep drawing process are investigated by considering different yield criteria and hardening models. For this purpose, various punch velocity and temperature values are considered using 1 mmthick DKP6112 and AZ31 sheet materials. The results are compared according to thickness strain distribution and punch force obtained by a commercial finite element software. To express constitutive relations of corresponding materials for different strain rate and temperature values, phenomenological models of Johnson-Cook, RuleJones, Tuazon, Couque are used. In order to observe the influence of yield criteria, the analyses are performed with Von-Mises, Hill48 and Yld2003 yield criteria. To predict the effect of punch velocity and temperature on formability, forming limit diagrams are also obtained for both materials at different conditions. The maximum value of second derivative of strain with respect to time is used as strain localization criterion to predict the necking.