External and internal aspects of Azerbaijan’s energy policy : Europeanization process and its limitations

Taytaş Öztürk, Özlem
The thesis examines the bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and the European Union in the context of energy cooperation. The main research question of the thesis is to what extent Azerbaijan’s domestic and external energy policies are compatible with the European Union’s rules and regulations. The main argument of the thesis is that although Azerbaijan is compatible with the European Union externally, the country has largely opted for pursuing domestic energy policies which clearly differ from the European Union’s own internal norms and regulations on energy market. The thesis is composed of seven chapters. The first chapter is the introduction part; in addition, the second chapter will discuss Azerbaijan’s energy profile. On the other hand, in the third chapter, Azerbaijan’s partnership with the EU will be presented. The fourth and fifth chapters are about the energy politics of Azeri leaders and the pipeline politics of the third countries over the region. On the other side, while the sixth chapter is about the domestic energy reform in Azerbaijan, the seventh chapter will present the conclusion part.