Contractors and contractorship : an analysis of public building constructions in early Republican Turkey

Şener, Mehmet
This thesis aims to analyse the development of construction contractorship in early Republican Turkey and investigates its role on the building construction of the period by focusing on the production processes of public buildings. In the first chapter after introduction, the building construction of the period will be examined with all its sides. In this framework, the main actors of the processes and different construction production types will explained, and the legal framework, especially the tender laws defining the rules of construction works, will be investigated. In the next chapter, the development process of contractorship in this period will be examined, contractorship in general and construction contractorship in special will be evaluated with all its sides. In this context, the definition of contractorship as a profession will firstly be made, then the developments related to contractorship in Ottoman period and the issues such as reciprocal relationships with economy, laws and rules determining the application of contractorship, and construction material v and techniques, will be emphasized. In the last part, the characteristics of contractors and contractorship services of the period will be asserted. In the following two chapters, early Republican period public construction contractorship and the contractors of public buildings as the most frequently realized constructions, will be examined. In this framework, the types of construction contractorship will previously be investigated; then the role and function of state as the most efficient actor, will be discussed; and the construction contractors of the period will be classified according to their professional formations and asserted together with the public buildings they constructed. In the last part, the development of construction contractorship in 1950s will be reviewed so as to understand how construction contractorship progressed in the following period. In the conclusion, a comprehensive analysis of the examined processes will be undertaken in order to evaluate the development and role of construction contractorship in early Republican period especially in relation to public building constructions.


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M. Şener, “Contractors and contractorship : an analysis of public building constructions in early Republican Turkey,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2013.