Inconsistencies (problems of) between two dimensional graphics of (urban) design and its three dimensional (urban) forms

Eren, Ebru
This study concentrates in particular on (good) visuality and visual perception of any design with consequences on urban environments and human lives. The purpose is that ‘any design requires not only holism (wholeness) within itself, which is generated by its design parameters, but also co-relation (consistency) between its mental imageries (visualizations or conceptual-mental fictions) and all their representational products in each and every dimensional realms. The design process is conducted respectfully to cognitive process (seeing, visualizing, perceiving) so that it could finalize within a good (perception) design’. Therefore, it is questionable whether design parameters enable (holistic and consistent) good designs with all representations, and then good urban environments, and sequentially good experiential-daily lives. Definition of related subjects, explanation of processes referring each other, and examination of some design cases regarding whose visuality is constructed and communicated by design parameters contribute to this scope of the study. Containing far more details, the study discusses (the analysis of) the survey touching upon (environment) lives and implements conclusions with future recommendations in this field (keywords).


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E. Eren, “Inconsistencies (problems of) between two dimensional graphics of (urban) design and its three dimensional (urban) forms,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.